Kamis, 12 November 2015

Lee Min Ho Denies Plastic Surgery

Seeing such a large portion Korean celebrity charming, no doubt make publicly speculate if they face the results of plastic surgery. Including Lee Min Ho is considered most people have a pretty face often changed. Although denied, apparently there are a number of experts who provide analysis of the truth of plastic surgery undertaken Lee Min Ho.An expert who refused to be named, said if the Lee Min Hoo plastic surgery practically perfect. Therefore, in addition to being very handsome face, the difference was not so evident and because basically the face of the actor already spelled out pretty good. However, if viewed carefully, there are two parts that looks slightly different.1. Nose with RhinoplastryOne of the most plastic surgery is done by allowing the actor is rhinoplastry on the nose. Due to changes in shape of the nose is done, such a Lee Min Ho looks a little different and be seen perfectly. Before surgery, the nose looks a little wider. And after plastic surgery, the nose is more pointed and sharp was obtained Min Ho.2. Part LipsIf viewed from the side, upper lip Lee Min Ho looks slightly protrudes forward before he performs a face remodeling surgery. As if aware of the shape of the upper lip, maybe Lee Min Ho thought to fix it in order to get a more charming lips again. After surgery, her lips look much better than before.The heirs of this star is often dismissed news about plastic surgery he underwent. He even had time to say if you do not care about all the reports because he thinks that nothing had changed from his face in addition to swell in several occasions.

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